The Phenomenal Lassie

One day when

One day when the sun rises
above the sky
and burns all your dark clouds of shy
I hope you will be bold and let all your love flow
I hope my ears will finally meet all the words you never told
One day when all that is meant to be takes form
I hope it will be us on the dance floor
Losing ourselves to the rythm
of the love we held but never shared
One day when you realise the true
meaning of love
I pray your heart will be mine
And you will know how it feels
to be mine
One day when it all happens
No word will be held back
I will look in the mirror and I will tell
myself that I am worthy of love
My light will surpass the darkness
I won’t be shy
I will unapologetically love myself

Words and image by Sharon Mo // ©2017


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