Broken Lassie - The journey

The root of my pain

In the past few days I had to retrospect and introspect – I looked back and tried to examine the root of my pain. You would be surprised at how many things I discovered that actually messed me up, most of them are things I didn’t even think mattered, but they did.

I now know the place where I got broken and that is where I will start my healing process.

I realised that often times people only look at the NOW, they focus only on their present troubles and pays no attention to their past, which is where their troubles began.

All this time I focused on solving problems I knew were problems, I didn’t try to figure out the problems that needed to be figured. I didn’t take the time to get in touch with myself and unleash the things I hide in my heart, and now that I did, I realised that people walk around thinking they know everything about themselves, but they don’t.

Our hearts know more than we do and every detail lies with every buried scar. It is only when we listen to our hearts that we will find the truth about ourselves.

Yes, solving your current situation will help you heal, but you will only heal completely if you take just one step backwards and once you have corrected everything in your past, you will indeed move forward and not just in your mind. 

You can’t destroy a tree by just cutting off its leaves and stems, to completely get rid of it, you will have to dig it from the root. I am now digging my pain and taking it by the root. It’s not easy, but because I need to heal, I am just going to be patient with the process and preserve through the pain from my past.

Sharon Mo ©


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