Poetry, The Phenomenal Lassie

I am poetry 

I am poetry
I write words like me
And bare
I write naked words
They never wear make up
I don’t wear make up
I am poetry
I rythm from head to toe
My beauty is an eloquent flow
Look at my waist
It’s the same thing you will see when you go down on me
Just like my thighs, my legs are curvy below knees
My beauty is an eloquent flow
Every line is phenomenally crafted like the next
Rythming together as one
I would love to wear make up
But I don’t do phoney
I am poetry
Look at me and see the hardest frontal lobe
Save the shore
Where lillies might grow
I long for the deeper side of the sea
I write things they hide
As rough and covered in pimples,
I tell the truth
My beauty never lie
I am the combination of slim and thick
My words are slender, but fat in meaning
I am poetry

Sharon Mo ©


12 thoughts on “I am poetry ”

  1. Ah, this is so well presented. TO know yourself that well and to be able to pen it, leaving yourself naked to the world, is the true testament to your prowess as a poet and to you as poetry. The metaphor is beautiful and poetry is lucky to be you 🙂

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