Standing by my dearest friend

I retrospect on our story
An alluring tragedy from yesterday
I still remember how it started
It was at the glimpse of a coin by the side of the road
The one I couldn’t help but posses
And then came the preamble by its governer, a horrifying introduction
I realised it was a monster in disguise
A penny adorned in a scent of a ghost
If he was a plant he would be flowerless and green
He told me to call him Moss
The moniker he kept even after death
Side by side we walked under the sky on a starry night
But my fear I did not show
The mistake was to propose we go separate ways
The most provocative proposal I have ever made
He reacted in a huge rage
All he wanted was a friendship
Since that day we have been friends
I have fallen in love with his erudite on life
Alluring madness to lose yourself in
Stories dark and scarry
Yet shows his brighter side
I wish I met him while he was still human
Yet I eschew from believing he isn’t
He is the best friend I ever had
I still have his coin
I still call him Moss

Sharon Mo ©


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