Find me with my ink wherever the paper is!!!

I am the lover of all things poetic, artistic and lyrical. Every day you will find me with my ink wherever the paper is. I have loved reading and writing from since I was a toddler. In retrospect – I realise that writing is actually my purpose. It is one thing I have always been deeply in love with, although I grew up to aspire to be a Chartered Accountant, and back then I thought it was my purpose, but through that period where I was obsessed with the idea of seeing my older self in suits and high heels while counting figures in a large corporate – there was another thing that I loved more than being a money doctor – What? Eating? Singing? Well it was to write, write, write and just write. I still knew I had to have my name on the covers of a number of books. 

I know you might not believe it when I tell, but back in my schooling days I wrote stories and poems more than I wrote my school work. And please don’t be quick to think I was an incompetent student – now that’s what you were thinking, right? Well you are wrong. I still obtained good grades, yet my literature side was much stronger than all my other aspirations. Besides, writing school work can be boring sometimes, but not writing stories – It’s full of adventure. You are focusing on where the next line will take you. The adrenaline just makes you want to get to the last word, even though you know you don’t want to stop writing. Well that’s what I go through everytime I put my ink on paper.

And the lines I write – made me realise that being an accountant was never my purpose, it was only a dream of my younger self. Writing is what I do, writing is me and writing tells my story. I have discovered my purpose, I have found my gift – now I want to share it with the world. I may not be one of the best writers or authors, but I am me and I write. I am starting this journey and writing a book takes one word at a time. Just as being great takes one step at a time. I know this journey won’t be easy and there will be a huge rejection that I will have to face. There will be people who will call me an amateur; they will say my writing is not good enough and my words neither move nor challenges their intellects. I am waiting for it all, for I know that no writer was born an award winning or best selling author. We all start somewhere and I am standing at somewhere – looking at where all the best writers are standing. I hope to inspire and motivate with my words.

My work is all about the things I’ve seen and still see, all the emotions I’ve felt and still feel, and all my aspirations expressed through words. Writing has helped me find my voice, hence I use it as a platform through which I can be heard. I have stories to tell and I don’t wanna keep them to myself. Allow me to be your muse, I want you to feel like writing after reading my words. 

Sharon Mo ©


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