‘Tis not self pity 

‘Tis not self pity
Neither a cry for help

I am facing my fears

I am tired of my tears

Let me let them fall

I hope they dry out

‘Tis not self pity

Neither a need to be seen

I know someone hears

They might be feeling the same

I know they think they are alone

‘Tis time they pass the phase

‘Tis not self pity

‘Tis my strength crying out

At least I can talk

Many hurt but stay quiet

I once was there

I still hurt but I won’t be quiet

Now let me talk

And I don’t care if you call it self pity
Sharon Mo ©


Author: Sharon Mo Wordsmith


15 thoughts on “‘Tis not self pity ”

  1. Speaking out about the hurt inside, sharing it with the world, is definitely not self pity. It is part of the process of healing for it is only when we call something by name that we can then address it. Great post, Sharon.

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