The Phenomenal Lassie

She be

Sitting in the dark
Hearing voices
from the brighter world
Their sweet harmony
she smells from afar
But hardly ever taste
She be
On her own
She be
The epitome of strength
Cimmerian shades
she endured in solitary
Her reality is a fantasy
with melodies
A shimmering world
she created
The bosom of love
She be
The epitome of hope
She dreams about things
her hand never touched
A warm embrace
That of a loving hand
She sees herself
walking side by side with
its heritor
The reflection of her desired solidarity
is seen through her eyes
Twins entangled to eternity
Came dire straits
And her tears couldn’t help but spill
Yet through her hand
A redeeming handkerchief was lifted
And her cheeks dried
She be the epitome of truimph
She be a woman
Sharon Mo ©


20 thoughts on “She be”

  1. Great poem! I’m curious, why did you go with the “she be” instead of the grammatically correct “she is”? Of course, grammar can be thrown out the window when it comes to poetry but I was wondering if there was a specific reason behind it?

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    1. Great question. Well “is” is more connected to the present tense when “be” is connected more to the future tense, hence I chose it to symbolise sustainability and a continuous effect to prove that I will uphold strength, hope, truimph and my feminity eternally – I am not subject to BE tamed.

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