I scorn you jealous death

Someone asked about you,

I couldn’t answer
I only felt pain in my veins
At the thought of my brother,
The one you stole,
His voice I don’t even remember,
His hand I will never touch,
Will I even tell of his last words?
All I can’t remember,
I was just a baby
But I know he loved me,
At least my mother told me,
Maybe that’s why you took him,
Do you hate life?
Do you hate peace and joy?
You see families rejoicing
And with your jealousy,
You visit them by the night,
The morning comes with the mourning
A thief who steals and never returns
Your killing,
A flood that pours without seizing
An enemy to mankind,
Like a moth you eat their health,
Bit by bit
Their days you abate,
Friendships sworn to last forever,
Their promises you turn to never
Their forever they see on the other side
The side between you and the world of flesh
Vows tight and bound in matrimony,
Paths made for infinity,
Your name comes and reveals a possible end
Only you can come between love,
Look at all the innocent babies you steal
Each one without sin
Have you any mercy?
I scorn you jealous death


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