Words I never would have written

Yes it still hurts

It’s supposed to hurt
I still think about you
Thoughts so dark
Some are white
It’s all mixed emotions
Sometimes I think I should have stayed
I shouldn’t have lost my faith
But maybe it was never a part of my fate
Sometimes my eyes look at you in hate
But deep in the belly of my heart I call it love
And I can only thank you for every word
None I would have written if you never had me thinking I had you when I never did
Thank you for all the poems and stories
Every line is a road less travelled
A reminder of all the emotions I once felt
I look at every cross I took on the road
Each one is a reminder of every thought that once crossed my mind
It’s all stories you never heard
Lines I never read
And it’s not my fault
You never gave me the chance to express how I felt
Maybe one day I will put them in one place
A place where pages never flip with the gust of wind
I will just cover it up
Give it your name
And call it my book
Thank you again
For the inspiration
Because of you I have words
Words I never would have written
Sharon Mo ©


7 thoughts on “Words I never would have written”

  1. Some gifts are received the hard way, even though they start out beautiful at first. I love how you have taken something that is clearly painful and made it something special.

    Liked by 1 person

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