A life lived on the timeline 

Our world itself was twitter
Every moment we shared

A tweet short and limited

The love that crumbled one tweet at a time

A life lived on the timeline

When all is said and done

I just scroll back

And screenshot all the memories

Hoping I keep each one in my gallery

The same place where all your pictures are kept

My closest substitute for your conditional presence

What happened to our love?

Was is it just another tweet short and limited?

We could have just wrote an unending thread

But I am afraid it still wouldn’t have lasted
It’s a love that never existed

Just another fake picture we had uploaded

Every inch filtered and edited

The original leaked and we had it deleted

The love that crumbled one tweet at a time

Maybe I feel bad it never lasted

Or maybe I am glad it blasted

It could have just been a lifetime of lies

Filters and edits

Conversations short and limited

Communication dead and buried

You never even cared about my heart
To you it was just an emoji

Small and fabricated
And those times where I had to sleep in bed alone

Waiting for you to come home

Crying on my own

When you were busy sliding in DMs
Secret places where conversations are long and unlimited

All those other woman having all your time

While you turn off notifications soon as my moniker pops on your screen
Man I hate that time

Always coming to our timeline at night mode

Always keeping our conversations short and limited

And then there would be those days when you never even said a word

I’d ask about the red subtweet on your shirt

All I got was a sleeping face meme
All night talking to myself
Smelling the fragranced favourites you wearing

Anyway I think I  still need to grow

You have been active for too long

And I have only just signed up

I check the 14k tweets in between
I now shout goodbyes to the subtweets without mentions
Yes – I got tired of assuming
Ain’t nothing that hurts like a life lived on the timeline

Sharon Mo ©


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