I know a man who lives in bondage

Around his arms and feet – a snake dark  and aggressive
A chain tying him to the corner
Has him lost in silence and enslaved to hardship
Every night is another storm he has to survive alone
The people try to help but the snake hiss them away
It is a chain that won’t let him cry for help
It’s a pride without humility

A brick to break bonds
All his peace and joy – bones buried in the past
Everyday is another misery without laughter
His loved ones are forest trees he sees from the distance
They try to be near but the bricks thrown at them – words without mercy
It’s a pride without a care

Deep in the ocean’s belly
He met a shark dark and aggressive
A monster he married
A soul mate he vowed himself to keep forever
I remember the day he wanted to be free
I also remember seeing his wife pull him by the leg
Reminding him about the vows made
He tried to fight her and swim his way out of the ocean
But she grew to be more powerful than him
She is a monster that won’t let him make it to the shore
A wave tidal and strong
It’s a pride that won’t let him be free

An enemy he treasures in his heart
A lier he believes without question
A friend he met before destruction
Will he ever be great again?
In his heart he is still great
Everyone around him is another crumb by his shoe
All because of the plank in his eyes
An entropy to his gradual decline
It’s a pride that won’t let him be humble

It’s not just pride
It’s a pride
A monster
A living entropy
It’s a pride that won’t let him go further
Sharon Mo ©


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