Caressed in timidity 

Words and image by Sharon Mo // ©2017

Fighting with my thoughts
Your name is caught in between
Though you try to show
your love
With every word you spit
I keep on thinking
all I see is an illusion
I lied to myself before
I wore words that were
Never for me
And before I knew it
They went to
Their rightful legatee
Like a waif
I was left broken
Facing bare reality
I guess my past left me
caressed in timidity
I try to love you
But soon as my heart
tries to pour out emotions
like rain
Fear closes all doors
And I tremble
I don’t wanna lose
the little bit of water
I have to a garden
which it’s fruits
I might not reap
Forgive me if I couldn’t
Water your seed
I am caressed in timidity


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