Christian Poetry

Grandma Faith’s torn curtain

The torn curtain of the old grandma Faith
Storms and dusts came with the seasons
Gradually it teared
But it survived
Ohh grandma
God bless your love for your curtain
As the wall miss it’s presence
The darkness miss it’s colorful embrace
By the night you cherish it with grace
Sleeping unscathed in your arms
Covered in fleece
A blanket warm and secure
Neither colds avert it from seeing the morning stars
As torn as it is
It shines through the weariness
Ripped off and worn out
You have washed it clean
From the sky
The sun stares
Longing to pull through the cracks
Rays streaming together like fingers
Will I answer when they knock on the window?
Well I long for the light
Faith gives me strength
A gift from my Maker
I am grandma Faith’s torn curtain
On her lap I rest assured
A needle and a thread
Both in her wrinkled hand
Ohh I can’t wait to be whole
Sharon Mo ©


15 thoughts on “Grandma Faith’s torn curtain”

      1. Lol…. I’m not a writer…. at all… I just put my thoughts on display… I don’t know the correct punctuation. And I’m a horrible speller… lol!😊😂

        So your the writer and I’m just a fan of yours and a lots loyal … keep doing what you do. I’m here😁👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ☺ hahaha I sense humility right there, as long you write you are a writer. Save the correct punctuation and spelling for the major publications, forget about them, this is a place where only words matter.

        Your work is 🔥 regardless of its imperfections

        Liked by 1 person

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