Broken lassie, Poetry

Ohh love, My prodigal son 

Ohh love,

My prodigal son
Home is not the same when you are not here
Mommy is empty without you
Don’t you remember me?
The woman who gave birth to you
Raised you
Carried you on her back even when she was tired
Cared about you even when daddy was never there
Why leave me now?
Ohh I should have known something was wrong all along
The day you started to change,
I thought it was just a stage
The one we all call adolescence
But it was something bigger,
I still remember the day you left
Just like the rest,
You woke up
I cleansed you
Clothed you
And fed you
All that a mother should do
And then you went to play
Just like any other day,
By the door I stood,
I waved,
You smiled and waved back
I hope and pray it wasn’t the last day I felt your presence
I cry everyday
I look for you everywhere
I try not think of the worst
I can only hope you are still alive
I dream about the day you will think about me
Will you remember the road?
The one that can only take you home?
Ohh love,
My prodigal son
Come back home
Even if you don’t come with anyone,
Just come on your own
Heal my barren heart
I am empty without love
I need to start loving
I need to start living 
Sharon Mo ©


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