Liebster Award

Everything starts better when the space is cleared. The Liebster Award is only about blog promotion and exposure so please don’t think about red carpets or gold prizes – there won’t be any 😅 and don’t even pack for a vacation in Paris because you are not going anywhere – not with the Liebster Award, and it’s definitely not gonna make you the next millionaire because there is no money attached. Alright, alright!!!

Well I am writing about it because I got nominated too and I would love to thank Priya for that. Ohh God bless her beautiful self 🌹

So while God is blessing Priya – you best visit her blogLost Soul and bless yourself with some great reads. She is one of the best writers i’ve seen here on WordPress. To make her even more amazing, she had me answer some interesting questions and made me feel like I am at Elle Magazine Studio. Lord 😅

I am a celebrity now lol. Check our “INTERVIEW” below….😛

1) What is true love according to you?
True love to me is a love that is indeed TRUE. No sly intentions or benefits. It’s all about loving, trusting, giving, sharing and caring. It’s not perfect but it’s worthy of commitment, forgiveness and patience. 

2) Blogging is choice/ hobby/ passion/ profession?

I will say passion – since it’s writing, writing and more writing.
3) One word for yourself?

4) Writing a poem or story? Which one is easy?

Well a poem – it has more to do with creativity and adventure. It allows you to share a billion words story in just a few lines.
5) Love or money?

6) The best place on this earth? Even if you haven’t visited one what comes in your mind just reading the question.

Anywhere – as long as I will be loved unconditionally. Still looking for it. Hahaha 😃
7) What brings you here on WordPress?

I just wanna share my creativity and stories – and honestly it has been amazing so far.
8) A romantic or a horror movie?

9) All time favourite book and a movie?

My favourite book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and the movie I will just say all of Fast & Furious franchises, especially F & F 7.
10) What are your thoughts about me? (Haha)😁😁

Mhhhm well I can say you are a very free spirited person. You don’t seem like you even know how to hate lol 😁 well that i’ve seen with your comments on my posts. You are just full of love and I looooooove it

Swishhhhh…Yuuup I am a celeb!!!

And because Liebster is a gift that keeps on giving, I also have my nominees below so be sure to check out their blogs. The list could have been longer since i’ve seen lots and lots of amazing writers but I was told to choose only ten 😕argh!!!

Pretty Kreepy Dame is the writer of sublime and exquisite poetry. But yet her words got nothing on her. She is a phenomenal woman!!!

Caterpillar to butterfly got awesome stories. Do brace yourself with great reads. 

Divine is all about being and loving yourself. Check out the blog for a positive mindset shift.

A Sagittarian Seeker is out here sharing a life of inner and outer journeys. Take it in!

Vivian Zems just has a way with words. Check her out – she is an amazing woman! 

Hashtag the writings is all about amazingly beautiful stories. 

Kae Bucher is all things peace, poetry and prose. You will love her!

Byluis writes exquisite posts. All mind blowing, coupled with great pictures! 

Adnama will take you on a super adventure to wonder land!!!

Jalvis writes the best inspirational and motivational poems. Get ready to be inspired. 
P.S my dearly beloved nominees – there are rules for accepting the Liebster. Check them out:

1) Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog and insert the award graphic.
2) Answer the questions provided to you, share a little bit about yourself.
3) Develop a new set of questions for your nominations to answer.
4) Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.

Now welcome to 🏢Real talk with Sharon Mo and Ohh I am doing better than great and I am glad you are just the same sooo….

1. Tell me about one thing that inspires your writing.

2. Apart from blogging and writing, what else do you do?

3. Give me your own definition of life.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

5. Who is your favourite writer/author?

6. If God gave you an opportunity to transform – What or who would you be?

7. Would you love to meet me in person? And please share why/why not. 😛

8. Which celebrity or a public figure you would like to spend a week with? And why.

9. Can you please share the best writing tip you ever heard.

10. What impact  do you think writers have to the world?

Now that’s a wrap for today. Be sure to catch us again next week. Tune in – same time and definitely same place. From me Sharon Mo to you it’s lotsa love. 



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