The message behind God gave me a rope

It appears that GOD GAVE ME A ROPE poem was somehow misunderstood, especially when it comes to the rope and hope part. Well firstly, the message behind the poem is that the rope that your enemies will use to try to defeat you, is the same that God will use to UPLIFT you, but the difference is that He will use it in a ‘God kinda way’ and that can only be HOPE!

In the poem there is no part that says my enemies came with a rope, but I did say that they tried to change my mind about life, now that was the time they gave me a rope to hang myself. Alright, but because I belong to God and I know the importance of BEING ALIVE, I didn’t give in to temptation and that’s why they had to use my distress to convince me. Now that was a conflict I had with them.

God then decided to show up in person and rescue me, and that is because He is protective of His own. Now some will try to question that too and say if it’s true then why didn’t He show up before my enemies even gave me a rope, or even before they made it to my door, well we can just go to (Matthew 4:1-11) where Jesus was led by the Spirit into to the desert to be tempted by the enemy and had His fasting used to solidify temptation.

Sometimes God will just step back and let you be strong on your own so that you can learn how to say NO to the enemy, and that you can only do if you have His word in your heart.

 If I didn’t know God’s word, my enemies would have defeated me without a question, and that is solidified by (Hosea 4:6) that says people perish due to lack of knowledge – that is of God and His word.

When all is said and done, God remains a God of a turn around – Amen! When your enemies are sure that they have defeated you, He comes and changes the whole situation, He turns a rope into hope. He will take the enemy’s rope and give it to you, and tell you to use it the same way the enemy expected you to use it, now you might think that He completes the enemy’s evil assignments, but that’s not true.

The rope might still be a rope but it changed IMMEDIATELY when God touched it. You can go and hang it around your neck and your enemies might rejoice thinking you are dying, but don’t die just yet honey. Wait until they get dissapointed to realise that it no longer serves their purpose, but that of El Shaddai.

I would love if you go and read your bible so that you don’t perish. Pray that God gives you the eyes that are able to notice an evil rope when they see one, and a faith that is strong enough to cause God to come down from Heaven and CHANGE it into a hope that is a rope meant to PULL you into His purpose of your life.

If you don’t believe in the possibility of that and of God’s purpose, as well as how it works; you can just give Peter a call and he will tell you how he became a fisher of men, until then, you can keep on following my blog, because I got so much to share about God and I might just be the female Peter!!!

Sharon Mo ©


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