Broken lassie

Where is the people? 

I am lost in a world where nights are long and days are short

I don’t even get excited about the days
Sometimes it rains
And the light don’t last
I am all alone in this world dark and foreign
Where is the people?
Wrapping myself around my jersey on the hanger
I long for a hug
I need an arm that cares
But no one cares
The pain starts piercing my heart
The tears push through the walls of my eyes
Where is the people?
I hear their laughter from the living room
I am alone and dying in my room
I bite my palm
I am trying to block the sound from blasting
Little do I know
I am blocking a monster from leaving
Another pain locked in my heart
A monster punching me back and forth
I am the bearer of my broken heart
The only one witnessing the monster in my head
I am fighting a disease on my own
A pain killing me without a noise
I am dying in silence
Where is the people?
They sleep when the night falls
Their true colours snore bright
No one is awake to rescue me
I am lost and trying to walk with a ripped heart
On my own,
I try to mend and make it whole
Where is the people?


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