Broken lassie, Poetry

I am brokenly beautiful 

Look deep into my eyes
See my deepest pain
The dreaded reflection of where I once walked
The weariness suppress my eyes
Both are tired from being abandoned

Both are wells where misery won’t stop flowing

I try to fake a smile
But I don’t wear make up
So it’s hard to hide my heart when it just lie on my face
It’s a pain dressed on the table,
All before me to face

The pain
The trials
The misery
All I have seen
But nobody knows
I try to be strong on my own
Still praying for the day I will be whole

Yes I am broken
But I am still beautiful
My eyes have cried and dried
Tired and weary as they can be
They still look like jewels
Both kept behind the master’s glass
The glass I call my face
I am broken and torn apart
But my face together with my beauty, a finger and a nail that won’t be torn apart
I am brokenly beautiful

My face is covered in scars
But yet it looks like a master’s art
I am brokenly beautiful

Sharon Mo ©


9 thoughts on “I am brokenly beautiful ”

  1. We are all broken in some way or another. And, we are all beautiful, having much to offer this world. Thanks for speaking on behalf of many of us who feel as you do sometimes.

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