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I will follow you in the dark

You have touched me but I am still blind

You are holding my hand but I still lack
You said you heard my cry but brought
no change to my situation
I try to fix my eyes on your promises
but the view is blurry
How can I see when I am still blind?
Maybe I should give up my faith and
forget about you
Stop praising your name in this
madness I am going through
But no, this is no time to decide
My mind is bare and blur
The only thing I know are the plans you have for me
They give me hope and I walk on
trusting your will
Yes it can sometimes be painful and I may despise it
But though you slay me, yet I will
praise you
I will shout your name from the roof tops
Lord I will embrace you
I have made it my mission
I now long and pray for your second
For I know it will bring forth redemption
Your provision I may not see
But your presence I can feel
Hold my hand still and I will follow you
in the dark
For I know your feet are headed to a brighter day

By Sharon Mo // © 2018


14 thoughts on “I will follow you in the dark”

  1. This is so touching, I was able to relate with this so well. This is exactly what is happening with me. I also question God and feel like I am loosing faith , as said in initial lines of this poem. But, then I feel I cannot stand without His support and I try to convince myself that God will always be there to help me. I shall just continue following Him, trusting Him endlessly and without doubts. Thanks for sharing this poem, I am able to see the reflection of my own feelings here.

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  2. Your an amazing soul… I sincerely pray that you make it through the sorrows and fucked up shit life through at you. I truly know how you feel… Maybe different circumstances but I feel the pain in your words to the point it bothers me. I wish there was something I could do to make you smile even if for a second. Keep your chin up shorrty and stay strong…. There will be better days….


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