Christian Poetry, Poetry


Deep in the pit

My enemies swore they have
captured me
Each one with a sword in hand
All are devotees vowed to break my faith
You said your voice He will never forsake
They said
But here you are down on the floor
Dying on your own
Where is He now?
Has He forgotten about you?
They asked
Don’t you think it’s time to forget
about Him too?
Spit His name and trample it under your feet
But no I would rather get a fit
The harder they try to lower my voice
The harder I stand my ground and make a noise
I shout GLORY from the pit
O’ master your name
I will call even when I fall
And pearls
I can lose them all
I may be alone in the pit with nothing
but my breath hanging between life
and death
My enemies can say it all
But I know my reedemer lives
In the end I will see redemption

As my enemies fall into their own pit

Inspired by Daniel 6:1-28 | Job 2:10 | Job 19:25-27 | Acts 16:16-40 and my own life experiences. 


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