Christian Poetry

Heal me then


How long am I gonna be broken?
I am suffering,
My infirmity,
A disease without a cure
Even the experts do not know,
Been to the doctors
And psychologists
Not even my money can heal me
My wallet,
A river that used to flow
I paid until it ran dry
I can’t even make it to the doctor’s door,
Not anymore,
I can only lie in my bed,
All broke and broken
I only have questions,
Where do I go?
A name then comes to my mind,
How long am I gonna be broken?
I shout to the Heavens,
You said you are the Savior
Save me then
Not a day goes by,
My heart decays,
Beaten by stormy emotions,
I have run out of solutions
I only have questions,
Should I die first?
Will you wait until I am Lazarus?
Why not save me now?
Come down and heal my pain
Lord you said you are a healer,
Heal me then
Sharon Mo ©


20 thoughts on “Heal me then”

  1. I really wonder where God and His mercy goes when His devotees have to deal with so much suffering and intense pain. People do say it’s testing of our faith, but why only few are chosen for such painful tests?

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    1. Things don’t just happen, it’s either God made it happen or He let it happen. Either way, His plans are not to harm us but to prosper us. We just gotta keep the faith and pray for the wisdom and eyes that will see what is the lesson and what is the blessing in that situation.
      We shouldn’t loose faith during adversity. And yes bad things happen to test our faith but it is not God who tests our faith, it is the devil who does. Never doubt God regardless of what you are going through. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see any changes, keep on believing and knowing that His time is the perfect time.
      Whenever you feel hopeless, just read the story of Shadrach, Mishach and Abednigo from the bible. It is one of my sources of comfort. The story comes through for me all the time. Stay blessed. You are loved ❤🙋

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      1. Hi, Thanks for your kind words. I will surely read the story you referred. I know and I do want to trust God always. It is just becoming difficult in this time of grief but I still offer short prayers and I ask to keep my mother happy wherever she is. But during the whole day, when I miss my mother, I also ask God, why I have to suffer this loss. It is a very difficult situation and I am just moving based on my inner instinct. I felt nice reading your message, maybe God has sent this through you, to lift me up. Thanks.

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      2. Well every word I wrote was from Him and that shows He heard all your cry and He indeed cares about you and your situation. He answers in mysterious ways and with unexpected sources. I pray that God heals you and gives you redemption.

        I also pray He not only keeps your mother happy, but safe and secure too. I am truly sorry to hear about your loss and I want you to lift all your cares to God because He cares and He is a father to the fatherless.

        If you ever feel hopeless and need someone to talk to, just hit me up via my contact form right here on the blog. We will share about how I heal with God through bible verses.

        You can check out my recent poem, I WILL FOLLOW YOU IN THE DARK, I hope it will strengthen your faith and give you hope. Link below

        God loves and cares about you, He heard you and He relates to your situation. Keep the faith and pray for better days. Love.

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  2. Hi, its pleasing to read your words. I do want to feel the presence of God as it is the presence with which I have lived so far. I do want to believe, God will do His best for my mother. In fact, in my recent post, I wrote what I feel God may tell me.
    Also, when I come in touch with people like you, I feel these are all the signals of God to tell me that God is there with me today and always. Its so good of you to offer me help and support in this tough time.I will stay in touch with you.

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      1. Thanks a lot, I just read your comment and it was very pleasing. There are very few things which appears comforting to me in this tough time. Interacting with you did provided me some comfort, you are God’s messenger for me, I feel blessed that I met you.

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      2. Yes, I agree. Infact whenever I meet someone who provides me comfort, I feel presence of God and also my mother. I know she will take care of me always, she cannot come herself but she will send messages through some channel.


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