Christian Poetry

There is a man beside me 

I was a lost woman

Crossing thorny fields barefoot
To find favour that of the arm of flesh,
I had to toil and sweat
But not with you,
All my scars wash away
With a single touch of your garment
In the eyes of flesh I am walking alone
But there is a man beside me
Though my father failed me,
You found me
Though the boy I called my own denied me
You claimed me and called me your own
The heavens sent you and you died for me
Your precious and priceless blood was shed
All for me to be saved
Now I know my worth
With your wings you hide me
This world’s evil can’t find me
You are the man beside me
I love you Lord
Sharon Mo ©


7 thoughts on “There is a man beside me ”

  1. Most all fathers fail their children along the way, I hope you find forgiveness in the word of God an not of man…judge not, yet ye be judge. A beautiful way to express your faith!

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